8848 – Origin


I just want to go and do this. Every since I smashed myself with 12 broken bones, and a few broken organs in one clean hit. I’ve been challenging myself. At first it was merely the act of getting up and walking around, let alone anything more complicated. Actually, walking around is pretty complicated. You don’t realise the amount of stuff you take for granted, that your body can do until you lose that ability.

Walking around is pretty much a super power once you realised how hard it is. But never mind that. I mastered walking around in less than a week after coming of the comma they put me in. The rest, took a lot longer. But always, I was immediately of the mindset that having nearly bid farewell to the world shouldn’t be an excuse for a pampered, cotton wall cocooned life that my mum, my doctors wanted me to have.

Why do we have scars? It means you’ve lived. Yeah I stole that from some where but only because it’s so epic. And true.

broken 2

My broken mess

broken 1

Its broken mess

I’m one of those bicyclists that people love or hate. For different reasons. Some will go out of their way to spend time and energy to demonise the self propelling folks on 2 wheels. Imagine how great we would be, if time and resources weren’t wasted on bullying. The bicycle is still the most efficient machine a human have ever created. But for some, instead of being in awe of that, they would rather turn around and spit on human greatness. Or maybe, some just don’t want to be classed as a 3rd world citizen because after all, countries like China, really bad in many human rights related things, are really good at treating all road users with equal. In fact, if you drive a car in China, and hit a bike, be it self motorized or not, the drive would be at fault. Usually the drive pays cash to the bike, just to avoid issues. No helmet laws, no ID needed to ride, can ride on anything except motor ways, can beat the lights at non peak hours list goes on. It’s basically common sense and public acceptance and courtesy. The police should be dealing with things far more important.

china ride 1

Ride China

china ride 2

Ride China

china ride 3

Harmony in the city

So, if you are still reading. It would mean you are at least not going to demonise the 2 wheels. Thank you. So here’s the thing, I don’t generally use my bicycle to commute. and apparently hold up traffic, even though I’m much quicker to work on it, then driving. I am more or less a recreational rider and uses it for sporting and fitness purposes. Every now and then, recreational goes up a notch… this time, by a lot. 8848 meters in fact.

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Crafted (why not), coffee, cookies, nutrition, delivered to race day